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What is a strategy?
The planning process
Organisation Design

Organisation Design

The need for the right people (both capacity and capability) is explored in this chapter. Particular attention is given to the culture of an organisation and how that impacts strategy formulation and delivery.

An HR lifecycle is promoted but the key areas of focus are attraction, retention and development.

Some points that are made:

  • Recognise that the strategy has to be defined by a team and therefore you need to get the right people around you to take ownership of the strategy and its delivery.
  • Carefully decide how you are going to fit people into roles.
  • In a logical world decide on your strategy before deciding on your organisational design.
  • Organisational design, like strategy, is about choice.
  • The most strategic contribution an HR department can make is around attracting, retaining and developing the right people.
  • Respect for the individual has to be balanced against the needs of the enterprise.
  • Garbage in - garbage out applies to people as well as data
  • Human beings are not bulk goods, manage them properly or watch them walk out the door

'People who work together will win'   Vince Lombardi

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