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What is a strategy?
The planning process
Organisation Design

The Golden Thread

The 'golden thread' that runs through the book is based on:

Why should we change? The needs and drivers of markets, competition, customers, people, technology are constantly changing.

How do we go about changing? Following analysis of the context above the formulation of strategy is about assembling choices to determine how you will stay ahead, and succeed, in your chosen field.

What do we do to change? Leadership is about interpreting these choices and providing a catalyst and momentum to inspire a group of people to deliver and recreate the strategy coupled with the change involved in delivery.

So what? Change involves personal and collective risk and as you address the ambiguity above the following questions need to be addressed: 'What Happens Next?' and 'What is in it for me?'

When should we start? If you want to stay ahead change has to be faster than the competition.

To address this 'golden thread' the book is structured to look at:

  • What is a strategy?
  • The planning process
  • Organisation design
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Deployment

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