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This site is a trailer for a book I am writing called 'What Happens Next?'.  I had hoped to publish in 2009 but with the combination of a very busy job and a recession hitting publishers this is currently on hold.

How many times have you been involved in the creation and delivery of a strategy when you have wondered where it is all going? How many times have you heard the expression that we will build our strategy top-down and bottom-up? What is the top and what is the bottom? What about all the people in the middle? My view is that middle managers are largely responsible for the production and successful deployment of any strategy.

'What Happens Next?' is a user handbook to help navigate through the formulation and implementation of strategy using practical management and leadership tools. This site has been set up to collect experiences or thoughts from a much wider community which can then, in turn, also be shared - the aim is this site becomes a leadership forum which is managed through:


If you want to join the community please fill in the contact page and I will respond with log in details.

All net proceeds from the book will be equally divided between The Prince's Trust and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

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